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Yad L'Isha understands the great importance of holding conferences and seminars to help educate professionals and the community, including social workers, lawyers, rabbis and counselors.

In Israel there are hundreds of women who have turned to private civil lawyers in seeking their divorce. However, while these lawyers are trained to practice civil law, the rabbinical courts are run according to Jewish law - an entirely different field based upon different precepts. As a result, many agunot are not receiving the proper rabbinical court representation that could set them free.

Yad L'isha's mandate is to help agunot. As the only organization in Israel staffed by female rabbinical advocates who are fully proficient in the intricacies of Jewish law and in the language and workings of the rabbinical courts, we are uniquely positioned to share that knowledge and expertise with other professionals – in this case, with civil lawyers – for the sake of their agunot clients.

We view it as our responsibility to level the field by sharing our skills and experience with civil lawyers, priming them in the procedures, laws, framework and language they need to effectively release their imprisoned female clients from dysfunctional and/or abusive marriages.



Recent Events

- Aguna day, a panel on the subject of halachic solutions for the aguna problem and 
  a prformance by comedian Jackie Levy and the "kalabat" group.

- Tel Aviv Bar Associatiom conference together with Yad LaI'sha 

Dr.Benny Shmueli


Adv. Bat-Sheva Sherman-Shani, director of Yad L'Isha

for more picts' of the conference

- Seminar for lawyers in Tel Aviv
read more about the seminar 



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