Yad La'Isha is a non-profit organization, committed to freeing women who are mesoravot get or agunot.

Yad La'Isha's budget is based solely on support from generous donors. 
You may contribute by the following ways:

click here to donate to Yad La'Isha by credit card
Donate to Yad La'Isha by check: Your Tax deductible contribution should be earmarked for the Monica Dennis Goldberg Yad La'isha Legal Aid Center and Hotline
and sent to:
Tora Stone
 49 W 45th street. suite 701
New York. NY 10036

or in Israel:
Ohr Tora Stone
POB 1037,
90435 Efrat, Israel

 facebook   |   Yad L'isha Hotline: 1800-200-380   |   Email: yadlaisha@yadlaisha.org.il        


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